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The Judy Bolton Online Cookbook.

This is where you can retrieve or just read actual recipes for some of the dishes mentioned in the series!

vanishT.gif - 9.14 KDine with Judy and her Grandparents

"Soon they came in sight of the house, partly hidden behind trees and everything looked warm and cheerful. The chimney was sending up a straight line of smoke and they would be able to dry themselves by the kitchen fire.

After a supper consisting of lamb stew with vegetables, biscuits and honey from Grandfather's own bee hives, topped off with Grandmother's good apple pie, Horace darted out of the room." (The Vanishing Shadow, p. 56)

rainbowT.gif - 7.78 K

Rainbow Riddle Wedding Reception

"The wedding supper turned out to be all Judy had hoped....[however] Roberta was being very quiet at the table. She harldly touched the dainty sandwiches or the chicken salad Elitha piled on her plate. There was fruit punch so that everyone could drink to the brides health." (The Rainbow Riddle, pp. 63-64)

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