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The Judy Bolton Articles Archive

In the articles archive you can retrieve and read articles about the series and it's author Margaret Sutton. The following is a list of the archive's holdings:

Judy Bolton 101 is an introduction to the history of "the famous Judy Bolton mystery series" and it's author Margaret Sutton.

The Case of the Neglected Girl Sleuth: Margaret Sutton's Judy Bolton by Sally E. Parry is a great article containing an analysis of the social realism in the series, and an evaluation of Judy Bolton as a role model.

The Law Office: A Year of Transition is a wonderful book review and analysis by Diana McInerney of the developing relationship between Judy and Peter during the "law office" period of the series.

A Youthful Writer: A Former Coudersport Girl a Successful Author of Stories For Girls is an article that appeared on the front page of the Potter County newspaper on Tuesday, April 28th in 1932!

Sites From Book Series 'Discovered: Judy Bolton Fans Gather is a 1993 article on the Phantom Friends' annual visit to "Judy Bolton Country" in Potter County, Pennsylvania. The article appeared in the local paper, the Potter-Leader Enterprise.

Judy Bolton Mystery Series to Be Re-Published is an article that appeared in the Williamsport Sun-Gazette on Friday, January 21, 1994.

The Critic's Miss Drew an article that includes comments by Margaret Sutton about the effect of the Stratemeyer Syndicate on the survival of non-syndicate series. From Mystery and Adventure Review magazine, date unknown.

One Hundred Years of Marking Time is a 1978 California newspaper article on Margaret which focuses on her extensive calendar collection.

Margaret Sutton (The Judy Bolton Series) A great Q&A with Margaret Sutton on her series. From an interview at an event called "Eighty Years of Juvenile Series Fiction" held at the University of Wisconsin on June 23, 1984.

Read the Something About the Author biographical listing of Margaret Sutton from 1967.

An extensive biography of Margaret Sutton, can be found in the new book A Guide to Judy Bolton Country written by Melanie Knight.

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