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A Youthful Writer

A Former Coudersport Girl a Successful Author of Stories For Girls

Potter County newspaper, Tuesday, April 28. 1932

Mrs. Rachel Beebe Sutton, of Brooklyn, N.Y., daughter of Mr. and Mrs.Victor L. Beebe, of this place, is the author of a series of three books entitled 'The Judy Bolton Mystery Series,' just being published by Grosset and Dunlap, of New York. Mrs. Sutton writes under the penname of Margaret Sutton and her books are mystery stories for young girls. Three of the series now in the hands of the publishers, and which will be out the first of May, are entitled: "Dry Brook's Dark Secret;" "The Haunted Attic;" and "The Invisible Chimes." Mrs. Sutton has imagination and the knack of spinning an exciting story. A lot of clever "detecting", mystery and adventure of the "shivery" kind, and real girl characters combine to make her stories intensely thrilling.

In a letter to her parents, Mrs. Sutton says: "Grosset and Dunlap, the publishers, think my books will have a big sale and expect to publish the next three in January, 1933, instead of May. In that case I will be working on them this summer. In the meantime I must get busy on "Golden Girl", which will probably be the title of my story, which Miss Christie, my agent, hopes to sell as a magazine serial. If they don't like that I,may call it "The Tower Mystery". It's more of a love story than these Judy Bolton books, and written for girls who are somewhat older. I am a member of All Writers' Club of Brooklyn, and I owe a lot to them. The publishers expect to bring out three of my books each year. The next year's titles will probably be "The Moving Cellar Wall," "The Cat Woman," and "The Singing Cave." "The Golden Girl" is pretty sure to sell. It is romance and mystery combined in the story of a girl who was supposedly the heroine of a radio song, and figures in the mysterious disappearance of some valuable papers."

This article was on the front page of the Potter County newspaper, Tuesday, April 28. 1932 and was reprinted in the now-defunct Judy Bolton Society newsletter. For reprints of the newsletters email Mike DeBaptiste. Reprinted with permission

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