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List of Volumes (38)

The Vanishing Shadow (1932)

The Haunted Attic (1932)

The Invisible Chimes (1932)

Seven Strange Clues (1932)

The Ghost Parade (1933)

The Yellow Phantom (1933)

The Mystic Ball (1934)

The Voice in the Suitcase (1935)

The Mysterious Half Cat (1936)

The Riddle of the Double Ring (1937)

The Unfinished House (1938)

The Midnight Visitor (1939)

The Name on the Bracelet (1940)

The Clue in the Patchwork Quilt (1941)

The Mark on the Mirror (1942)

The Secret of the Barred Window (1943)

The Rainbow Riddle (1946)

The Living Portrait (1947)

The Secret of the Musical Tree (1948)

The Warning on the Window (1949)

The Clue of the Stone Lantern (1950)

The Spirit of Fog Island (1951)

The Black Cat's Clue (1952)

The Forbidden Chest (1953)

The Haunted Road (1954)

The Clue in the Ruined Castle (1955)

The Trail of the Green Doll (1956)

The Haunted Fountain (1957)

The Clue of the Broken Wing (1958)

The Phantom Friend (1959)

The Discovery at Dragon's Mouth (1960)

The Whispered Watchword (1961)

The Secret Quest (1962)

The Puzzle in the Pond (1963)

The Hidden Clue (1964)

The Pledge of the Twin Knights (1965)

The Search for the Glowing Hand (1966)

The Secret of the Sand Castle (1967)


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