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Dear Reader:

As you begin this series you may want to know how and why it was originally written. You will find clues on each dedication page.

The first three books are dedicated simply TO DOROTHY because it was for our oldest daughter that I recreated the make-believe friend of my own girlhood and named her Judy Bolton. I gave her my mother's lovely auburn hair, Dorothy's sparkling personality, and many of my own experiences.

The series begins with a flood I remember. Charlie Austin's name is a clue to the real name of the town I fictionalized as Roulsville. After the flood our family moved to a mysterious house that suggested the second book of the series, and so it went. Although they are not true stories, real events suggested each book. This new, illustrated edition of The Vanishing Shadow was revised from the original manuscript especially for today's readers who may, like Dorothy, grow up with Judy Bolton.


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