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Photo Gallery: Coudersport, PA

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The Farringdon-Pett Mansion
The Farringdon-Pett mansion is based on the old Judge Lewis estate on Mill Street in Coudersport. The house is an impressive, turretted, victorian mansion and still stands although it has not been inhabited for some time. Tentative plans have been made for renovating the house to become a bed and breakfast but its status as of this writing is unknown. There has never been a pond with swans on this property as there is in the books, but it's believed that this imagery came from another Coudersport property, the Omthar Mansion.

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The Boltons' Haunted Attic House
The Bolton house at 1365 Grove Street is based on the East Second Street house in Coudersport where Margaret grew up. This house still stands, and is the setting for The Haunted Attic and many other stories in the series. The "round attic windows" on the Bolton house were inspired from another house in Coudersport, according to Margaret.

Sadly a fire destroyed this house around 1999.

Coudersport house remains

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The Court House Clock
The Farringdon Court House clock is referred to throughout the books and is based on the Potter County Court House clock in the heart of downtown Coudersport, PA.

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